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Ferrari 312 Nurburgring

Ferrari 312 Nurburgring

A small selection of clips we have found on You Tube.

If you have any clips to go onto this page, just EMAIL us the link and we will post.

Spa F1


Spa Peter Dunn
YouTube Video Historic F1 RMU Spa
GTCTC bump at Eau Rouge
Laps 1 & 2 Onboard with Peter Dunn
GTC-TC Race 4 mins
Spa HF1 Start
Spa HF1
Spa Dan Collins
Spa Group C
HF1 Start 1 min
HFO 6 mins
Onboard start lap with Dan Collins
Group C 1 min 28 sec
Spa F Ford
Monza HF1
Monza HF1
Monza Theodore F1
Spa Historic F Ford 5 mins
Historic F1  Eurocup  8 mins
HF1 Pits 1 min
Monza Onboard Theodore F1 8 mins
Monza Mixed
Monza Group C
Monza HF1
Onboard GTCC
Monza Mixed 5 mins
Group C 15 secs
HF1 Monza 5 mins
GTSCC onboard 3 mins
U2TC Onboard
Monza Group C
Monza Dan Collins
Monza F3 Pitlane
U2TC Lotus Cortina onboard 6 mins
Group C & F2 pit lane 4 mins
Onboard with Dan Collins  JPS Lotus
Historic F3 1 min
Paul Ricard GT3
Classic F1 Mix
Brands 70’s Roadsports
Tyrell P34
Paul Ricard Circuit onboard Porsche GT3
Classic F1 Mix
Brands Hatch 2009 HSCC 70s Roadsports 928
Tyrell P34 Six Wheel s
Spa with Music
Monza with Music
Donington with Music
Brands with Music
Paul Ricard with Music
Nurburgring with Music
Hockenheim 2010
Spa 2010
HFO 6 mins