Group C Racing

Lancia LC2

Group C/GTP Wallpaper

We would like to share some of our images taken of these fantastic Group Cars and a range of FREE wallpapers can be downloaded below.
If you think we are missing any favourites, just EMAIL us your request.

2013 Race Dates Poster

111 Spice SE88 Mike Donovan
6 Lancia LC2 Rupert Cleverly
31 Mercedes C11 Gareth Evans
12 Porsche 956 Russ Kempnich
6 Lancia LC2Rupert Cleverly
5 Spice SE89P Stefano Rosina
41 Spice SE90C David Mercer
71 Courage C26S Roger Wills
40 Spice SE90C Richard Bateman
25 Nissan R90CK Katsu Kubota
28 Nissan R90CK Kent Abrahamsson
27 Nissan R90CK Martin Stretton
11 Lancia LC2 Henrik Lindberg
8 Porsche 962C