Why are Project Names important?

So why is naming a project so important?

Here is what other Project Managers have shared with me:

1.It solidifies the core objectives of the project into a single word without the need to continually explain in detail.

2.It limits those who need to know and can be used to shorten communication (although should never be seen as a true security barrier)

3.Correct choice of project name will also reflect the “character” of the project and add more weight to the goals (Project Tiger implies aggression, hunting whereas Project Sloth does not)

4.It can be used as a defensive mechanic especially if security is believed to have been compromised (Project BuyCompetitor X when the objective is to buy Competitor Y)

5.The CEO hasn’t got time with lengthy goals and objectives, So Project ICanRememberWhy works fine

Why Buy 5001 Project Names?

Born from the frustration of managing large corporate projects that needed Project Names, and where often the choice of Name became became a bigger debate than the project itself.

Packed full of over 5000 words suitable for you to use to describe your Project.

Subjects include: Aircraft, Animals, Automotive, Countries, Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Plants, Greek & Roman Gods, Boys & Girls Names and many more.

We have even included a section of ADJECTIVES for those of you who need to create more complex project names such as “Wooden Horse” or “Intrepid Adventure"

At only $10 US 5001 Project Names™ represents GREATVALUE and can be used time & time again.

So if you are a Project or Programme Manager, CEO or Senior Exec, or just simply want to contribute to the plan, then 5001 Project Names™ is for you.

For easy use, 5001 Project Names™ is sorted both by Category and Alphabetically and is delivered to you by email in Adobe PDF®


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