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Self Storage

Are you a Self Storage operator looking to enhance your customer proposition and grow incremental revenues?

With 40% of all UK self storage space being used by small businesses, a Post Office in a Box™ postal terminal is a great service to provide your tenants enabling them to spend more time processing orders and less time waiting in The Post Office.

Many small businesses are not able to take advantage of bulk business postal rates, but by sending through a Post Office in a Box™ postal terminal they are able to take advantage of our great rates.

If they are a VAT registered business there are further savings to be made.

The postal terminal is a small space footprint, can be sited near your reception area and offers UK or Global delivery.

Our service will compliment the next day couri...

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We are rapidly expanding our Post Office in a Box™ postal terminal network across the UK, working with a number of key partners.

If you would like to become a retail partner and have capital to invest in this great opportunity, then please CONTACT us




Our current locations are:


Parcels2Post, 4 Gatehouse Close, Aylesbury HP19 8DE



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Petrol Stations

With Petrol Stations now having a comprehensive convenience and coffee offer, they are great places to add the additional Post Office in a Box™ service.

For consumers on the move this makes another great reason for them to combine their fuel, food and postal requirements in a single visit, making your location a more favorable choice.

Taking up a minimal footprint and staff requirements they are a great additional revenue stream as well as uplifting footfall into your core product categories.

If you are a Petrol Station operator, have capital expenditure as part of your growth plans and would like  more information on this great venture please CONTACT us

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If you are a large Office block or Work Place  that would like to offer your staff access to a on site postal service, then Post Office in a Box™ would be great solution.

It compliments many of the existing on site services such as Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare and with diminishing Post Office & Post Box network, is now becoming an employee requirement.

By having an on site solution your employees would be more productive if they are not having to spend their lunch breaks queuing in The Post Office.

Commission income from sales can be reinvested into staff or business benefits.

In locations where Post Room and Franking Machine abuse is considered a problem, Post Office in a Box™ could well be a self funding & shrink reduction opportunity.

Located in the right location it will off...

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Hospitals are busy places, with staff, doctors and visitors being on site at a variety of times during the day and night.

We recognize that having the time and ability to post your parcel can be difficult for everyone working in the NHS.

By siting the Post Office in a Box™ terminal in a staffed, retail or hospitality area of your hospital a postal service can be offered 24/7  making it a great service for employees and visitors alike.

Revenue streams from sales commission and on screen advertising could make this a viable service proposition for your hospital.

If you would like further information please CONTACT us

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With changing consumer food shopping habits, large supermarkets now require new solutions to fulfill customer needs and excess floor space.

Bringing in your postal items before you do the food shop is a great incentive for consumers to use your supermarket brand over a competitor’s.

Whilst all supermarket chains have Post Offices in a limited number of their locations, high space and operating cost limit the number of locations they can be sited.

Post Office in a Box™ provides an extremely space and capital efficient solution that could be delivered to all but the smallest supermarket locations.

Hardware can be branded and with relevant software development we can integrate with your Loyalty Card schemes & there is a distinct customer appeal to earning loyalty points when sending their m...

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Motorway Service Areas

Customers on the move, have little time to find The Post Office and a Motorway Service Area is an ideal location to stop, drop, post and shop.

The extra service of a Post Office in a Box™ terminal, could provide your customers with a greater reason to use your Motorway Service Area over another, as well as enhancing your brand value and incremental retail sales.

Simple to use, it becomes a Postal solution on the Motorway network.

With a minimal footprint terminals can be sited both in MSA Retail and Petrol Forecourt space.

If you would like further information please CONTACT us

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Shopping Centres

Need to give customers an additional reason to visit your shopping centre?

Unable to site a Post Box or have a Post Office tenant?

Then Post Office in a Box™  postal terminals could give you a solution.

Sited near your reception or concierge services it provides your customers with a postal dispatch solution that is simple to use, convenient and saves them money.

The Free Parking and Trading hours of shopping centres are a key driver to using the Post Office in a Box™ service and a good reason to use your location and retail tenants.

Taking up minimal space, low capital investment and staff resource it is a great new way to connect with your  consumers and add value to your retail tenants.

Payment is by card, so no cash handling or security issues and commission from transactions mak...

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Charity Sector

We believe the Charity sector could benefit significantly from a Post Office in A Box™.

A postal terminal would increase customer footfall, introduce new visitors to the charity and increase sales & product donations.

There would be new revenue streams generated by sales commission on all items sent using the postal terminal.

Payment is by card, so no cash handling and minimal staff involvement.

The equipment is simple to use and extensive customer testing has shown there is no customer resistance to use, even if they are not regular computer users!

Capital funding of the hardware could be make through suitable ROI investigation or by individual terminal sponsorship.

We are able to customize the terminal branding and offer a bespoke screen that could generate advertising incomes or reinf...

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