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We are rapidly expanding our Post Office in a Box™ postal terminal network across the UK, working with a number of key partners.

If you would like to become a retail partner and have capital to invest in this great opportunity, then please CONTACT us




Our current locations are:


Parcels2Post, 4 Gatehouse Close, Aylesbury HP19 8DE



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Charity Sector

We believe the Charity sector could benefit significantly from a Post Office in A Box™.

A postal terminal would increase customer footfall, introduce new visitors to the charity and increase sales & product donations.

There would be new revenue streams generated by sales commission on all items sent using the postal terminal.

Payment is by card, so no cash handling and minimal staff involvement.

The equipment is simple to use and extensive customer testing has shown there is no customer resistance to use, even if they are not regular computer users!

Capital funding of the hardware could be make through suitable ROI investigation or by individual terminal sponsorship.

We are able to customize the terminal branding and offer a bespoke screen that could generate advertising incomes or reinf...

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