The decline of the Village Post Office in rural communities has been well documented and whilst this has slowed, continued changes to the postal sector continues the uncertainty.

Many communities have saved their Village Shop through volunteers and Not for Profit arrangements, but once The Post Office has gone, it’s return appears impossible.

Post Office in a Box™ can provide a cost effective solution, through siting the postal terminal in the Village shop or even the pub!

An initial capital investment would be required to purchase the hardware, but various Government Area Grants, local fundraising and business sponsorship can make this possible.

Business sponsorship can be particularly attractive to those businesses such as Estate Agents, Farming Suppliers or Retailers that have a particular connection with rural consumers.

Once operational, the terminal returns profit back to the community through sales commission, so the more it is used, the more can be ploughed back into whatever causes chooses.

Broadband and power supply required and its a simple plug and play.

Easy to use, minimal staff involvement and payment by card, so no cash handling or banking worries.

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