Racecar Preparation

Click to enlarge With extensive expertise in racecar preparation and setup, Loaded Gunn have the resources to ensure maximum competitiveness at all levels of motorsport.

- Strip-down & rebuild of racecars
- Crack-testing, repair, machining & fabrication of parts
- Full geometry set-up
- Dedicated & experienced mechanics & engineers trackside


Click to enlarge From stripping & rebuilding complete cars to researching and finding parts for incomplete projects Loaded Gunn are highly experienced in getting your car back to perfect condition.
- Full or partial restoration
- Sourcing / manufacture of hard to find parts
- Conversion from Road to Rally specification
- Hand built car kits; from roll-cage to rolling road
- On event support
See Gallery for some of our recent projects.

Graphic Services

Click to enlarge Loaded Gunn’s partner graphics department will design and deliver you bespoke solutions to your requirements.

- Unique artwork produced to your requirements
- Vinyl cut & applied to your vehicle
- Everyone’s requirements are different – please contact us with your ideas and let us show you how they can grow!

Road & Rally

Click to enlarge Loaded Gunn’s skills are not limited just to the racetrack or rally stage. As fellow car enthusiasts we offer a bespoke service for your road or trackday car.

- Trackday support
- Customised modifications
- Customised additions
- Servicing & installation by race mechanics