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Chevron B8

Click to enlarge There are over 90 teams in the Malmesbury skittle leagues so if you live round here you play skittles. At a match in 2011 I got chatting to a chap about motorsport and it came up that I had a Chevron B19 so he said did I fancy a B8. I said "who wouldn't" and he said "so, do you want one?", of course I do but they cost a fortune, "not this one" he said.
Chassis 60 was Digby Martland's third B8 and it was crashed at the Nurburgring in 1971. The wreck was bought by Roger Hurst who used to break crashed cars and sell the parts but the remains were bought by my skittles man some 30 years ago with the intention of rebuilding it but he never got round to it so he sold it to a friend about five years ago. The friend did do some work and bought a new chassis and body from Chevron Racing so we acquired these and about five boxes of bits.
Lester Owen supplied a new BMW M10 engine, Mike Barnby made some beautiful "original" wheels and Bob Hall produced his usual immaculate aluminium tanks and pipes. A stainless steel exhaust from the Tulletts and most other parts including some new black hoses with sliver fittings came from Bruce at Competition supplies.
Gary got to work putting it all together and we now have a fabulous 1969 Chevron B8 in our growing stable.
Neil Burroughs is campaigning the car in the HSCC Guards Trophy in 2013 and has started with an eventful third at a snowy Donington and an emphatic win at Thruxton - not a bad return after 42 years.

Gunn Sports 2000 Racing Cars

Click to enlarge The first Gunn Sports 2000 Duratec car was a converted Vauxhall Supersports chassis and it won on it’s debut at Castle Combe in the hands of Niel Burroughs. Niel went on to win further races as have Anthony Wilds and Tom Mills. Steve Head won the Derek Bell Trophy championship (for drivers over 50 years old) in 2008 and Jonathan Loader won this class in his only outing in a Gunn in 2009 at Silverstone GP circuit.
In 2009 Mike Jenvey has won 6 races and set many new lap records.

Click to enlarge There are currently seven Gunn Sports 2000 Duratec cars and all but the first have been designed and built specifically for this series. Most of them are regularly raced by drivers of all levels.
The highly successful TS-11 totally dominated the 2010 Sports 2000 Duratec Series with further cars being built to order. We have already converted earlier Gunns to full TS-11 specification and the conversion is available for all earlier cars. We offer a full to repair and maintain service & we also attend tests to set up the cars and coach the drivers.

For the more detailed story of the GUNN TS-11 CLICK HERE

Historic Motorsport

Click to enlarge Chevron B19
We acquired the B19 in December 2005 and both realised a dream. Gary, being a good Lancastrian boy, had nearly ended up working at Chevron in Bolton and always wanted to get his hands (or spanners) on a Chevron car.
Jonathan just loved the look of the B19 and had bought his Crossle partly because, if you squint, it looked like a B19- now we had one. We ran the car in the 2006 Orwell Supersports Cup and gained second overall in the heavily supported non-winged class from a cold start. The B19 will be running again in 2011.
Crossle 42S
Having won both Class A and Class B in Sports2000 Pintos together we were looking for a new challenge when a 1980 Crossle came up for sale. Its resemblance to a B19 and the fact that a Crossle had never done well in period were good motivators so we bought it and set to work.
There were only 14 Crossle Sports2000s made and they lacked development with the factory’s attention being concentrated on other projects at the time.
The car is actually quite good and, with Gary’s touch, we turned ours into probably the most successful car in the Historic class of Sports2000’s current format. We contested the full championship season in 2005, 2007 and 2009 winning the class in very many races and the class championship each time plud the Derek Bell Trophy in ’09.
With the rapid proliferation of “new” Historic cars it is becoming harder to do well in a real old car but our Crossle will be out to prove there is life in the dog yet sometime during the season.
Historic Formula 3 Car
This car required side pods and wish bones to be recreated to the original design and a new roll hoop.
Fiat 500
We have fitted a Ducati 998 engine and gearbox into a Fiat 500 (old type) body shell as well as fabricating all new double wishbone suspension.
Lotus Cortina
We have acquired a 1965 Lotus Cortina in bits and are converting it into an FIA race car to either race ourselves or sell.

Other Projects

Click to enlarge Retoga
We were approached to design and build a motorcycle engined sports track day car under an existing body and the Retoga was the result. The owner now races one of the three cars built with the 750 Club, one other is in Denmark and we converted the third to Ford Puma power with a sequential gear box. These cars are prototypes for either the track day or racing market and we shall cary out more development as the project develops.
Retoga RT
Our customer has found the current market place a bit limited for a completely bespoke car like the Retoga so a new project was undertaken to create a kit car for road and track (thus RT) based on Ford Focus running gear. We have designed and built the prototype car which is now with our customer for the bodywork.
More articles & information on the Retoga can be downloaded here:

Renault Clio V6 Rally Car
Our involvement with this project comprised fabrication of the change mechanism to convert the car to paddle shift & fly by wire throttle and fabrication of GRP ducts to increase radiator efficiency thus lowering the water temperature.

Hot Rod Ford Popular
This is what Gary does in his spare time. He has made the chassis, suspension and uprights and started to “cut & shut” the body. He has a 4.6L V8 ready to drop in but can’t decide what colour to paint the body. Watch this space.


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