Spa 2013 Group C

Spa Classic 2013 Group C
IMG 1383 IMG 1387 066T1132 066T1134 066T1142
066T1159 066T1163 066T1166 066T1170 1
GU2G1409 066T1180 066T1184 066T1191 066T1203
066T1208 066T1211 066T1220 066T1229 066T1232
066T1239 066T1243 066T1249 066T1251 066T1253
066T1257 066T1263 GU2G1424 GU2G1426 GU2G1430
066T1273 066T1276 066T1279 066T1284 066T1295
066T1301 066T1309 066T1315 066T1322 066T1328
066T1335 066T1342 066T1352 GU2G1452 066T1356
066T1365 GU2G1455 GU2G1462 GU2G1472 GU2G1473
GU2G1476 066T1420 066T1430 066T1436 GU2G1497
066T1675 GU2G1500 066T1680 GU2G1506 066T1708
066T1713 066T1758 066T1765 066T1769 GU2G1514
GU2G1518 066T1821 066T1825 066T1829 GU2G1528
066T1843 066T1857 066T1862 066T1868 066T1894
066T1921 GU2G1577 IMG 7889 IMG 7892 IMG 7896
IMG 7898 IMG 7899 IMG 7902 IMG 7909 IMG 7918
IMG 7921 IMG 7931 GU2G1698 GU2G1702 GU2G1705
GU2G1709 GU2G1711 GU2G1713 GU2G1714 GU2G1717
GU2G1721 GU2G1723 GU2G1731 GU2G1733 GU2G1735
GU2G1738 GU2G1751 GU2G1758 GU2G1761 GU2G1762
GU2G1776 066T2895 066T2905 066T2919 GU2G1815
15 Spice Applebee GU2G1823 GU2G1845 Eyre with improving Jajuar XJR16 GU2G1854
GU2G1858 GU2G1861 GU2G1865 GU2G1868 GU2G1882
GU2G1891 066T3270 GU2G2455 Group C rolling start GU2G2458
GU2G2462 Group C start 1 Meyrick cuts in for lead Group c Meyrick takes lead T1 Dozin grabs P2
GU2G2478 GU2G2487 GU2G2491 GU2G2497 GU2G2500
GU2G2510 GU2G2511 GU2G2512 Meyrick full straight length advantage GU2G2517
GU2G2520 GU2G2523 066T4629 GU2G2532 066T4638
066T4639 GU2G2539 066T4648 066T4654 GU2G2542
066T4673 GU2G2544 GU2G2550 066T4678 GU2G2554
GU2G2561 066T4689 GU2G2578 066T4700 GU2G2586
066T4705 066T4714 066T4732 Podium for Watt in Applebee Spice 066T4744
GU2G2616 066T4757 066T4758 066T4771 066T4778
GU2G2623 066T4792 066T4795 066T4803 066T4807
066T4814 066T4818 066T4824 066T4827 066T4835
066T4837 066T4848 066T4855 GU2G2627 GU2G2630
066T4870 066T4882 066T4889 066T4943 066T4950
GU2G2653 066T4956 GU2G2662 GU2G2664 066T4970
066T4973 GU2G2684 066T4987 GU2G2704 GU2G2710
066T5015 066T5016 066T5020 GU2G2740 GU2G2745
GU2G2750 GU2G2752 066T5036 51 Porsche 066T5094
066T5100 066T5103 066T5106 066T5116 066T5129
066T5136 066T5155 Veskanda rides wthe puddles 066T5159 066T5207
066T5221 GU2G2790 GU2G2796 066T5237 066T5239
066T5244 066T5248 GU2G2805 066T5256 GU2G2817
GU2G2820 GU2G2834 066T5275 GU2G2837 GU2G2848
GU2G2856 066T5465 066T5477 066T5485 066T5511
066T5519 Abrahaamsson Jaguar unable to pass qualifying Berridge  Eau rouge Dozin Eau rouge Merlin's new Porsche 962
Meyrick and first run of Spice SE90C 31 Merc winns Spa Meyrick dominates phase 1 group podium IMG 1357
066T1278 IMG 1356 IMG 7894 IMG 7904 IMG 7908
IMG 7922 IMG 7924 IMG 7933 066T1380 066T1383
066T1393 066T5472