Group C Paul Ricard 2013

Group C Race Paul Ricard Circuit October 2013
066T2326 066T2384 066T2388 066T2402 066T2430
066T2456 066T2467 066T2526 066T2943 066T3377
066T3385 066T3390 066T3405 066T3410 066T3427
066T3440 066T3448 066T3451 066T3454 066T3457
066T3461 066T3473 066T3482 066T3488 066T3491
066T3511 066T3523 066T3524 066T3547 066T3557
066T3570 066T3581 066T3600 066T3627 066T3637
066T3670 066T3680 066T3689 066T3692 066T3695
066T3698 066T3701 066T3720 066T3728 066T3756
066T3761 066T3771 066T3776 066T3803 066T3816
066T3822 066T3845 066T3871 066T3878 066T3881
066T3918 066T4001 066T4005 066T4007 066T4043
066T4115 066T4148 066T4171 066T4201 066T4235
066T4290 066T4291 066T4298 066T4304 066T4310
066T5016 066T5023 066T5025 066T5029 066T5030
066T5032 066T5035 066T5041 066T5053 066T5057
066T5060 066T5062 066T5065 066T5070 066T5071
066T5078 066T5081 066T5110 066T5228 066T5229
066T5232 066T5234 066T5237 066T5243 066T5249
066T5258 066T5273 066T5274 066T5285 066T5315
066T5317 066T5320 066T5323 066T5325 066T5328
066T5336 066T5350 066T5356 066T5362 066T5372
066T5376 066T5378 066T5381 066T5386 066T5389
066T5390 066T5396 066T5401 066T5405 066T5406
066T5410 066T5412 066T5413 066T5420 066T5426
066T5429 066T5432 066T5435 066T5441 066T5445
066T5451 066T5476 066T5479 066T5498 066T5506
066T5536 066T5582 066T5586 066T5589 066T5593
066T5597 066T5600 066T5602 066T5606 066T5609
066T5637 066T5646 066T5649 066T5654 066T5657
066T5667 066T5675 066T5681 066T5683 066T5697
066T5698 066T5700 1 Busy at driver change Busy Pitlane under stormy skies
Damsembouirg and first showing of Peugeot 905 Donvan completes C2 Championship Eric Living the Dream Grop C Drivers end 2013 season at RR GU2G5111
GU2G5112 GU2G5121 GU2G5128 GU2G5155 GU2G5180
GU2G5190 GU2G5216 GU2G5223 GU2G5235 GU2G5238
GU2G5254 GU2G5256 GU2G5258 GU2G5262 GU2G5269
GU2G5273 GU2G5298 GU2G5299 GU2G5302 GU2G5337
GU2G5340 GU2G5343 GU2G5347 GU2G5374 GU2G5378
GU2G5380 GU2G5431 GU2G5449 GU2G5456 GU2G5461
GU2G5502 GU2G5506 GU2G5519 GU2G5547 GU2G5551
GU2G5905 GU2G5909 GU2G6381 GU2G6520 GU2G6530
GU2G6540 GU2G6577 GU2G6652 GU2G6662 GU2G6766
GU2G6773 GU2G6807 Henrik leaves the pits IMG 8142 IMG 8144
IMG 8149 IMG 8153 IMG 8154 IMG 8161 IMG 8165
IMG 8168 IMG 8176 IMG 8181 IMG 8184 Imroving Jaguar XJ16
Kubota Refuelling Merc Leads Group C Start PR Merc win Podium Group C PR Porsches Power at Ricard
PR GC Start Watt finds the barrier but gets out for the race