Hector is now able to offer a small range of unique gifts for the collector and conniseur alike.

Made with authentic materials and handcrafted to exacting standards, each piece is an individual work of craftmanship.

These are limited edition items that come with a certificate of authenticity and will something that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Items can be ordered and shipped worldwide and for more information please Email

Please note: Blades will only be supplied to over adults 18 years old.

"The Hobbit" Arrowheads  








 Elven Arrowheads, including the Malorn Leaf Head and the Mirkwood Head and the recently added Dragon Slayer black arrowhead.

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Price £TBC



Type 13 Arrowhead  









A new type 13 early medieval hunting head with a long shank. 

Found on the side of a brook in Stratford on Avon after a digger had been clearing out the brook. 

Ref 13MAH
Price £TBC



6" Saxon Seax No.2  


Postage £6

Ref SS62
Price £148

6 inch laminated blade of wrought iron and hard steel of the period. It has a Stag antler handle with black horn caps and decorated tang button. The sheath is hand stitched leather.

5" Seax Curved Blade  


Postage £6

Price £123

This seax has a 5 1/2" blade of wrought iron with hard steel cutting edge.  The blade is fitted with an antler handle with copper mounts front and back.  The sheath is of hand stitched leather.

Field Archers Knife  





Postage £6

Ref FAK4
Price £125

Sturdy knife blade with 4" blade, stag horn handle with black horn caps front & back. The sheath is hand stitched leather..



Celtic Domestic Knives  

Ref CDK1
Prices £25 to £35 plus P&P

Celtic one piece domestic knives with soft hand stitched leather sheaths

Saxon Domestic Knives  

Ref SDK1
Prices £25 to £35 plus P&P

These knives are fitted with antler handles and have hand stitched soft leather sheaths. Priced on size of blade.

Medieval Domestic Knife  

Ref MDK1

Price £96

plus P&P

This is a typical domestic knife of the Medieval period.  It is based on the knives that are on the front cover of the London Museum book on knives and scabbards.  It has a seven inch blade and a boxwood slab handle.

Celtic Ring Handled Domestic Knife  


Price £368

plus P&P

This is a typical Celtic knife based on an original found in Germany. The knife is forged from 2,000 year old Roman iron nail heads from a known site in Wiltshire, England.

The Crecy Head  



UK £4 Worldwide £5

Ref CH1
Price £25

A Hand forged copy of an an original War Bodkin Arrowhead found on the battlefield at Crecy, France.
This replica arrowhead has been forged from medieval iron from that period.

Supplied in it own clear plastic box, complete with the certificate of authenticity.

Norse Black Earth of Birka arrowheads  
Ref SU 2

Price £30.00

Plus Shipping

Selection of Nordic Viking arrowheads available

Special Norse/Viking arrow head  
Ref SU 1

Price £22.50

Plus Shipping

Special Norse/Viking arrow head from Uppland in Sweden

Norse/Viking arrow heads from Norway and Ireland  

Price on Application for full set.

Plus Shipping

Norse/Viking arrow heads from Norway and Ireland.

Japanese Arrowheads  
Ref JA 1

Price £375

Plus Shipping

Set of hand forged Japanese arrowheads in blued steel.

Saxon Arrowheads  
Ref SA 1

Price £125

Postage £5

The six arrowheads in this display are typical of the Saxon and early medieval period.

1) Socketed hunting head. - This head is a copy of the arrowhead in the Jorvik Museum in York. It was used for hunting but was also used as a war head.

2) Tanged forked hunting head. - This is an earlier version of the medieval type 6 forked head and was used for hunting birds and small game. If the arrow missed the target it would not bury itself in the grass or undergrowth and would be easy to locate.

3) Tanged warhead. - This is the fore-runner of the needle bodkin and was used to pierce the mail worn by most of the warriors at that time.

4) Chippenham type 1. - This is a broad head used for hunting.

5) Chippenham type 2. -This head is similar to the type 1 and was also used for hunting.

6) Chippenham type 3. - Another version of the type 1 head. It could be used for hunting or war.
The last three heads are copies of heads found in the Chippenham area. Chippenham is a Saxon town and one of the bases of Alfred the Great.

Medieval Arrowheads  


Ref MA 1

Price £135

Postage £5

The arrowheads in this display are typical of the medieval period. They consist of the following arrowheads :-
1) Devizes swallowtail broadhead. - This is a typical hunting broadhead used against large game such as deer or boar. It is designed to inflict the maximum damage to the animal through its long cutting edges causing massive haemorrhaging so that the animal will not run far after being shot. This head is based on the arrowhead in Devizes museum.

2) Small straight broadhead. - This is also a typical hunting head of the period that was used on smaller game producing the same effect as the swallowtail broadhead.

3) Forked hunting head, Type 6. - This hunting head was used against birds and small game. The forked shape of the head fulfils two purposes, a) When it hits a bird the rotating motion of the head tears into the feathers and brings the bird down if in flight, b) If you miss when shooting at small game the head prevents the arrow from burying itself in the long grass or undergrowth making it easy to locate.

4) London Museum type 16 war head. - This head is based on the heads of this type in the London Museum collection and the Westminster arrow. It is a war head of the later medieval period used to pierce plate armour.

5) War bodkin long type 10. - This war head is the most common of the medieval period. It was used against knights in plate armour and will penetrate armour up to two millimetres in thickness.

6) Needle bodkin type 7. - This war head was developed to pierce mail with devastating results and was used against lightly armoured foot soldiers throughout the medieval period.

Roman Arrowheads  
Ref RA 1

Price £125

Postage £5

These six Roman arrowheads are copies from originals in The British Museum, Corinium Museum Cirencester, Gloucester Museum and the Vindolander Fort on Hadrian’s Wall.

They are all war heads and are designed to inflict serious damage to lightly armoured enemy troops.

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